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Earn additional income while helping families keep the great American hunting tradition alive. U.S. Hunts connects landowners with responsible hunters looking for access to private hunting land.  

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Enrich the lives of families and aid in keeping the tradition of hunting for future generations.

Since 1999 we have applied a non-nonsense approach to helping landowners find great quality hunters. We use your rules and make 100% certain that everything we do is transparent and above board for both landowners and hunters. We do not just send you a list of hunters that will be hunting your property. Our approach accounts for you the landowner having a say in who is going to be on your property and what will be harvested. We are not a membership site where any member that has paid a fee can purchase a property and have access to it. After we screen prospective hunters we either send them to meet you so you can decide if you like the caliber of people we found or you can trust our reputation and experience and not meet them, its entirely up to you. We are very good at pairing hunters and landowners. You have a great deal of control over your property’s resources including managing the game that is harvested. Yes, you decide everything including the term, 3, 6, or 12 months and if you have a prized animal you love and don’t want harvested you can control that as well. We have taken the hassles off your plate but left you with the control you deserve as the landowner. We can custom tailor an agreement that will work for you.

Connecting Landowners & Hunters since 1999

Why Landowners Trust Us To Manage Their Hunting Leases

You could do it yourself and we will help you, but why would you? When you hire US Hunts You control your property and we do 100% of the work for you. You always have one phone number to call. We use your rules, we allow you to set the requirements of what and how many and the size of animals that are harvested. We are not a club where anyone who has paid a fee is allowed to purchase and use your property. We screen our hunters and we also allow you to screen them BEFORE granting them access. We also have all the proper legal documentation, insurance to include fire, all vehicles will be tagged with a current US Hunts decal, we keep track of all the paperwork, collect the money and keep your property leased year after year. 

Responsible Management

Our hunters are respectable folks that follow your rules. People that want a nice quiet family getaway to bring the kids and wife. We do not do business or have any tolerance for people who feel entitled. We are very clear (and our documentation proves it) that the landowners have full access to farm and take care of their property in addition to grazing rights or mineral exploration and the hunters get to hunt. Nothing more is promised and we don’t oversell a property, in fact we always encourage hunters to schedule an inspection of a property and meet the landowner (if you wish) before the hunters purchase. Our agreements are very transparent and thorough, give us a call to talk about our service and if it makes sense, we will send you our Landowner Agreement to look over. 

Your Land Is In Good Hands

Top Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we absolutely do and in fact so can you before allowing them access. We are not like others where anyone who has paid a membership fee can set foot on your property before you have had the opportunity to meet them.

Yes you do and all hunter contact info is also provided.

First of all we give you the option to limit harvests in our agreement to alleviate this concern. Hunters today seek trophy animals that are rare and difficult to find. Some hunters will go 3-5 years and never take an animal. Hunters directly benefit the herd through management and food sources not commonly available on a property. 

Generally in most cases: Hunters have jobs, they have spouses and children. They have prime hunting times of the year where they will be using your property often. An example is during deer rifle season. A hunter may take part of his vacation and be on the property for 7-14 days in a row. Hunters usually are afield on average a total of 45-60 days per year. You wont see them all the time, and in fact because they are hunting very early or late afternoon many times you wont even see them. They are present on weekends and usually have jobs to go back to. Many of them save vacation for family trips and only use a partial amount of that for hunting.

Our goal is to establish a group of hunters that are respectful of the landowners wishes first and foremost. Then our goal (if you were happy) is to renew the property with the same group every year after. Over time trust is developed with this group and you know what to expect and so do they.

Private land is very difficult to find. Hunting is more than shooting an animal. Alot of time and money goes into learning a property and developing it for the hunters enjoyment. Trees get trimmed, soil tests are done, food plots are often established, feed programs are established, blinds and tree stands are placed which often require tractors, trailers and others coming to help on a weekend. Also just hunting a property takes time and dedication to learn the travel patterns of the animals, for instance a blind placed this year will often times be moved after the first year to a location the hunter visually saw was more effective in the previous year. If they lost the property, they lose a great deal of time and money invested. I believe it can take as much as 3 years to learn a property of 160 acres.

Common Concerns

Finding responsible hunters is our top priority here at U.S. Hunts and we ensure that you’ll be equipped with all the resources you need when leasing your property.

Looking Our For Your Best Interests

While many landowners lease hunting rights to hunters today, most do so unprotected without proper documentation and insurance and they don’t have a process that works to prevent future problems from not getting all documents signed by everyone, it honestly is a paperwork nightmare if done correctly. Many become frustrated with the chore of keeping up with it all or dealing with bad deals they made to friends or local acquaintance’s. We represent your interests and always carry out your wishes for your property. And the many more landowners who don’t lease at all is because they fear they will not maintain the control they have always had when in fact it allows them better control. We find most often they just don’t understand what all a hunting lease entails or the are basing it on old information. We are here to talk with you about it so you can make an informed decision. Give us a call to see if it makes sense for you or not.

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Connecting Landowners and Hunters

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