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160 Acre Lease with Great Deer Herd in Caddo County - Tucker
9FVP+7CW Sickles, Oklahoma
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In the Lookeba OK Area, 160 acre hunting. Cover consists of Walnut, Hackberry and Cottonwoods. Wheat is planted as of Nov 2020. It has a great deer herd, turkeys and the occasional wild hog family comes rooting around. Good possibility of geese. Feeders, Blinds, ATV’s and fences around feeders are fine.

General Info on the Area:

Caddo County, Oklahoma, offers hunting opportunities for a variety of game animals, including white-tailed deer, turkey, quail, dove, waterfowl, and small game. The county is situated in a transitional zone between the plains and the mountains, providing a diverse range of habitats that support a rich wildlife population. Overall, hunting in Caddo County, Oklahoma, offers a diverse range of game animals, beautiful natural landscapes, and ample hunting opportunities, making it a great destination for hunting enthusiasts. However, as with any hunting area, the success of the hunt can depend on many factors, including the season, weather conditions, and individual hunting skills.

Property Specifications
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160 Acres
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Corporate Lease?
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Landowner requires meeting before access is allowed
Landowner requires a phone or text notification before hunting
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Address: 9FVP+7CW Sickles, Oklahoma
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Property Limits

Some landowners request additional limits to follow while on their property. Please review the property limit guidelines. 

This landowner allows spouse and their children under 18 to participate in this agreement with all licensees.

If allowed by landowner, 1 Guest may be present per licensee outside of big game seasons. Only allowed to hunt small game – vermin, dove, quail, ducks, geese, rabbits, squirrels, fish etc. This does not allow for deer, elk, moose, bear, antelope, sheep, turkey etc to be harvested by a guest. No Big Game.

A shared bag limit where spouse and children under 18 harvests count towards the licensee’s state game limit (Big Game Only). Small game shall carry the states limit for each person.

A corporate lease allows licensee to bring guests for any season. The number of persons present at any given time can be restricted by landowner. 

A minimum of 4 points on each side
A minimum of 1.5″ diameter at base of antler
A minimum of 18″ main beam length
A minimum width of main beams of 16″ at widest point (unless tight basket rack that meets other requirements above.
Exceptions beyond the stated: Cull Buck with poor genetics or an injured buck

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160 Acre Lease with Great Deer Herd in Caddo County – Tucker

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